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The Corporation aims for a Sales Target of Rs.100.00 crores.

1.    Vision
Vision is to reach out to the world, so that  the hard work done by our artisans in producing exquisitely hand crafted products in brass, bronze, wood, stone etc that also epitomize Tamil Nadu’s rich cultural heritage adorn homes, institutions, palaces etc in India and abroad.

2.    Mission
To provide marketing services for the artisans of Tamilnadu.
To upgrade the skills of artisans by imparting appropriate training.
To improve the productivity of artisans.
To improve the quality of handicrafts produced.
To minimize the drudgery involved in the production process.
To minimize / eliminate occupational hazards.
To encourage innovation in design.
To provide socio-economic security for craftsmen.
To document and record for posterity the areas where handicrafts flourish in the State.

3.    Welfare activities to Artisans
Apart from the marketing activities the Corporation is developing the standard of living of artisans as follows: 
Awards -  Awards are conferred to artisans as detailed below:
    (1)    Poompuhar State Award
    (2)    Poompuhar District Craft Award
    (3)    Gen Next Competition
    (4)    Living Craft Treasure
    (1)    Poompuhar State Award
This award consists, Cash Award of Rs.50,000/-, 4 gms Gold Medal, Thamirapatram and a Certificate. 10 Craftsmen are benefited per year.
This will be expanded to more artisans in future.
    (2)    Poompuhar District Craft Award
This Award has been introduced in the year 2011-12.  This award consist Cash Prize of Rs.5,000/-, a Silver Medal and a Certificate, to 85 Craftsmen including 17 women in 16 crafts every year.
The number of awardees will be increased in the subsequent year.
    (3)    Gen Next Competition
This competition is being introduced in the year 2013-14.  This competition is conducted in 15 centres to the artisans who are below the age of 30 and are taking the craft to the next generation.  Selected artisans will be given with a Silver Medal and a Certificate.  66 artisans have been awarded this year as First Prize and another 66 artisans for Second Prize.
More artisans will be benefited in the near future
    (4)    Living Craft Treasure
Artisans aged above 65 are entitled for this award.  This award has been introduced only in the year 2013-14.  This award consist  Cash Prize Rs.1.00 lakh, 8 gms. Gold Medal, one Thamirapatram and a Certificate.  10 Artisans per year will be awarded.  This award is being conferred to the artisans first time in India.  This will be increased in future.

4.    Training
Apart from the marketing activities, the Corporation is by imparting training as detailed below:
(1)    Three Month Training in New Designs for Making Nachiarkoil Brass Lamps at Nachiarkoil, Thanjavur District.
At present training in New Designs for making Nachiarkoil Brass Lamps at Nachiarkoil, Thanjavur District has been completed.  More training schemes are to be implemented in future.
(2)    One year training in Production of Thanjavur Paintings for 100 women at Srirangam, in Trichy District
Further, another training in Thanjavur Painting for 100 Women for One Year at Srirangam at Trichy District has been commenced during November 2013 and successfully going on.  This was announced in the Legislative Assembly by the Hon’ble Chief Minister.  A stipend of Rs.2000/- per month and toolkit / raw material will be given to the trainees.  These type of training will be extended to more persons in future.
(3)    One Year Training in Wood Carving at Chinnasalem, Villupuram District
Another training in Woodcarving for 10 artisans for 1 year at Chinnasalem has been commenced and successfully going on.  This was announced in Legislative Assembly by the Hon’ble Minister for Rural Industries.  A stipend of Rs.2000/- per month with tool kit / raw material have been given to the trainees.  More areas in which craft are practiced will be identified and they will be developed.
    (4)    Thanjavur Art Plate Training at Thanjavur
In Thanjavur Artplate training has been imparted to 8 women in Poompuhar Thanjavur Art Plate Production Centre, Thanjavur.  The number of trainees will be increased in future.

5.    Increasing Direct Marketing Assistance to Artisans through Exhibitions
The Corporation is having 14 showrooms and providing marketing assistance to the artisans.  Apart from this it conducts exhibitions through-out the year in the length and breadth of the country.
During the year 2013-14, the number of exhibitions has been increased from 130-250 and will be planned more to the near future. 

6.    Financial assistance to artisans
The Corporation is providing financial assistance to the artisans who are participating its exhibitions outside the State @ Rs.25,000/- per head / per event and for foreign exhibitions @ Rs.50,000/- per head / per event.
For this scheme, a sum of Rs.50.00 lakhs has been allotted to help around 200 artisans this year.  This assistance will be increased year by year so as to help more number of artisans.

7    Other activities
    (1)    Urban Haat at Mamallapuram near Chennai
The Corporation is planning to put up an Urban Haat at Mamallapuram near Chennai, similar to Dilli Haat to facilitate the artisans marketing activities.  The work is under progress.
    (2)    Urban Haat at Kanyakumari
At Kanyakumari, near light house another Urban Haat project has been launched and the work is under progress.
The both Haats will be greater tourist attraction and tap up a good revenue of handicrafts of local and other States.
    (3)    Raw Material Bank
At present a Raw Material Bank for metal has been established at Swamimalai to cater the metal requirement of the artisans residing and practisiing near and around Kumbakonam, Swamimalai, Nachiarkoil by making them members of the Raw Material Bank.  Now it is successfully operated.
    (4)    Craft Museum
Poompuhar has opened a new Craft Museum at Chennai with the artefacts made by National awardees and State Awardees.  These artefacts were displayed with descriptions of artisan details and craft / motif details.
        In future this will also expanded with all crafts from all over India.

8.    Marketing Hub
A marketing hub is planned to be put up at Kumbakonam which is a  centre place of Thanjavur District, covering craft pockets of Swamimalai and Nachiarkoil, Thanjavur.  The Corporation will be able to procure Bronze Icons, Brass Lamps, sheet metal, Kalasam, Prabai, Kavacham and other Special order items directly from artisans and stock these items in the Marketing Hub at Kumbakonam.
From Kumbakonam the Corporation will distribute the artefacts to various outlets i.e. PSSR, Chennai to New Delhi and other exhibition venues to tap up additional market for temple requisites.

9.    Awards – Poompuhar State Award, Poompuhar District Craft Award, Gen Next Competition &  Living  Craft Treasure.
Awards Distributed for the last 3 years

Poompuhar State Award        Nos.
2009-10                             -         10
2010-11                             -         10
2011-12                             -         10
2012-13                             -         10

Poompuhar District Award     Nos.
2011-12                             -          60
2012-13                             -          63
2013-14                             -          76

Gen Next Competition             Nos.
2012-13                             -          65
2013-14                             -          132

    Also acting as selecting agency for the Tamil Nadu State for the National Award and Shilp Guru conferred by Government of India.
2)  Training is being imparted in the following crafts
     a) Thanjavur Art plates  b) Brass Lamps  c) Bronze Icons  and d) Woodcarvings  

10.    Exhibitions
        At present at an average of 250 exhibitions of inside and outside exhibitions are being conducted by the Corporation per year all over the country.
        It has been planned to increase and conducted these to 300 exhibitions in various themes and venues all over the country.

11.    Exhibitions abroad
        Till the year 2013 the Corporation has conducted thematic / stand along exhibitions only at Singapore as an abroad exhibition apart from participating two International events every year.
    In future the Corporation is planning to conduct thematic / stand along exhibitions every year, at Singapore and at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, each 10 days one after one as a continuous event around the period of Thaipoosam, which will cater the need of temple requisites.

12.    Raw Material Bank

        As the Corporation’s activities also involve in the fulfilling of temple requirements especially Temple Cars, Vahanam, Kodimaram etc., A Temple Car production centre is likely to be opened with the assistance of the O/o the D.C. (H), New Delhi,  at Kallakurichi,  where our Production Unit  is functioning now.
    Through this new unit, there will be a produce of mass production of vahanams, kodimarams and temple cars as per the marketing requirements and special orders. For this a Raw Material Depot for wood (as like the one which the Corporation is having for metals at Nachiarkoil) is also planned to be started to meet out the requirements for this unit with the assistance of the O/o the D.C. (H).  It will stock variety of wood for various requirements.

13.    Production Development
    A scheme through which mobilization of Artisans into Self Help Groups will be formulated and Technological support like issue of modern tools, starting of design and Technical workshops, imparting special training to artisans etc. will be arranged so as to increase the large number of new entrants in the craft activity.  The services of these new entrants will be utilized in the Poompuhar Production units for more production and distribution.

14.    Study of assessment
    A detailed study and analysis on the marketability of products will be made by setting up of a centre exclusively for this purpose through which the absence of market intelligence by the Artisans / Sales personnel of the Corporation   will be put to an end.
    Further with a view to cater to the targets in the production units of the Corporation, the Artisans will be provided the basic inputs and additional infrastructure support for enhancing the production capacity. Cost benefit analysis of items manufactured will be made for the fast moving items so as to apply it in the production centres while manufacturing such item.  This will pave way for a constant supply of such items to the customers and will also provide a fixed forum of wages to Artisans.  Synchronising with the Fairs and Festivals across the length and breadth of the country exhibitions will be planned and the connect products will be marketed to expand the business of the Corporation much more comprehensively.

15.    e-commerce
    More initiate will be taken for canvassing of export orders through online trading and as well as through participation in International Fairs.  E-commerce trading has been commenced and online trading is also expected to be flourishing.

16.   Conclusion
By all these efforts in the near vision the Corporation will grow to a new scale and will play an important role in the field of handicrafts sector in the state of Tamil Nadu and the nation.
    In short the Corporation will unite, all the hands that carve, sculpt, caste, engrave, polish, finish and create various kinds of crafts under one roof so as to preserve the nation’s heritage in the year to come.

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