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Carved wooden panels are a form of beautifying the place, a sure way to get second glances and rightly so, this art is a highly skilled one and originates from as many as …. States in India . Carved doors necessarily have to come in a single slab of wood.

The wood predominantly used here in India is Rose wood, Teak wood and …… . The carvings in this type of art are many viz., to cite a few, one can have the famous “Dasavatara panels, or the “Ganesha with Sarawathy and lakshmi beside” or the “Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu & Siva” or “Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathy” or even “Lord Balaji with Padmavathy along with Ganesha and Subramanya” and each of the panels would invariably vary in size and dimensions.

The intricately designed and carved panels can be mounted on a wall to give it that unique, exquisite touch of craftsmanship found in temples. Just one carving can be alluring, transform the whole room or translate an area into a superlative space by its presence. The artisans chisel their way into the wood to bring out a stunning piece of art in as many as 10 days to a couple of months too, depending on the size. The artisans are soaked in steep beliefs and rituals, pray to the Divine before they undertake/ commence this art as the features of the art are otherwise difficult to come by. The features get ingrained into them as a means of the power they derive from their prayers.

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