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Bharat or India is a land of many States with diverse culture and rightly so, many Arts of varied forms find a place here. Rich in tradition, Bharat has the Tanjore painting which is a famous art, with its roots in Thanjavur, which is in the down South of the country. This Tanjore art in steeped tradition is made of rich gold foils along with temple jewellery which is the hallmark of this fine art.


The art is painstakingly drawn initially and then the finery is inserted intricately over many hours. The finery is a rich blend of the tapestry of the art and the gold foil is generously meted out as invariably the Gods and goddesses are depicted in a rich fashion in this form of art.


Among the favourites is the traditional Lord Krishna of the epic Mahabharatha of the Hindu origin that you see with Gopikas (Chelas) alongside under the lovely expanse of an evergreen tree, brimming with prosperity. Poompuhar hosts a lot of skilled artisans in Tanjore Art, who depict the art in its true form, devoid of modernity. The art also calls for a high quality of wooden framing that rightfully blends with and decorates the rich feel of the art without any compromise.

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