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Pot holders can enliven a place by their shapes and ceramic pots are a beauty to the beholder. They not only look exotic and ethnic, but have intrinsic value too. The ceramic pots are designed in such a way that some are shallow to hold the bonsai, while there are yet others which are created deep enough to hold the evergreen Palms. Ceramic pots come in a variety of colours too and can have many design elements incorporated in them. They last longer than Terracotta (burnt clay) pots. The shapes can be as desired, considering it is made of chemicals and have a sheen on them which gives a nice, appealing look about it. Some of the pots have dual shades or even a marbling effect with more than two colours. Can’t really say which looks better for, perhaps, at times, it looks seemingly very much as though each pot overlooks the other in terms of elegance becoming as competitive looking in beauty as Indian women themselves, thus proving to be as difficult as pronouncing the coveted Miss India !

Try hard as you can, it may be difficult to resist a good ceramic pot holder , as they lend a touch of beauty judiciously to any place where they are placed, be it at corners or as defining borders, centre spreads, either singly or even as accompaniments with other objects. At times, our artisans spend considerable time and effort trying not to duplicate them to give the uniqueness for that fulfilment of desire- that of owning an antique pot. Perhaps, it could be as a gift of a lifetime for someone who is a designer and creator of sorts.

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