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Lord Krishna in this traditional pose with His flute and cow or the ‘Kamadhenu’ in Sanskrit brings cheer to any place. The craftsmanship is such that it invokes melody and music to the onlooker in a sub-conscious way. Krishna or Kanhaiyya when depicted in exquisite Rose or Teak wood reveals the intricacy of workmanship by the artisan, who, needless to add, requires a lot of dedication, patience and devotion imbibed too to bring out the true essence in the sculpture. Such rare pieces get further enhanced by the background craftsmanship of a panel that is intricate in every way to complement the Main idol.  The Indian splendour of Krishna with the cow lends a Divine touch to the display in a room or corridor to transform the atmosphere. The designed mounting with two bowls beside as planter boxes, lends an aesthetic appeal to the fervour.  Krishna placed anywhere, be it inside or out is a heart steal, leaving you spell bound.  The bhava or expression of naughty Krishna conveys the melody and rhythm which sets a tempo of lightness and love that is effervescent and one can visualise oneself as the Gopikas or Chelas of Krishna around on seeing such a statue form of Him. Immense potentiality in craftsmanship lends the wooden statue to be an all time best seller, a favourite among women. A Bewitching smile with razor–sharp wit, he is lord of the world and a symbol of universal love, whose presence in key situations propels the story forward in the epic Mahabharata.

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