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A sculpture that is a stunning and an enticing piece of this sort with a size of …….. ft height in Teak/ Rose wood finish revealing the traditional art of South India (abundantly found in temples and historical ruins) , would normally take an artisan a minimum of ..... days. Placed on a Rose wood elegant pedestal, this lends sheer class and style to the room. The pedestal, in spite of being plain with no extra frills or inset carvings, lends an aura of richness as it accentuates the sculpture of the ‘Apsara’ in the making of a clear winner and thereby rests on the winning platform by virtue of lending adequate support as a celebrity in its own right.

The Apsara or damsel pose is favoured by most, as it signifies a carving depicting the woman dressing up with the mirror before her in her left hand and she is seen applying ‘Bindi’ (or the Vermillion dot as per the Hindu custom to protect the Ajna chakra) on her forehead with her right hand, in a dancing mood which depicts a sense of happiness and auspiciousness to the onlooker. The aura of any room gets transformed by virtue of the décor element as this one, set forth in the room. The Apsara pose is a single piece with dimensions of …….. and a weight of …… kgs and etched out of a single log of wood, by an experienced , dedicated artisan, who knows carving of the art inside out , which makes all the difference. The Damsel is sheer elegance, seen as an object of beauty par excellence, one that is deemed a perpetual joy. Neighbours’ envy, Owners’ pride.

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