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The entrance and exit gates are manned by human security forces but the gigantic welcome by the huge ‘Paavai’ brass sculptures, each weighing roughly ……….. Kgs or ……. Pounds with a height of ….. feet can be overbearing and truly relaxing as an according gesture, true to our varied, rich tradition, culture and heritage, all of which is depicted by the pretty damsel with a plate/ Vilakku ( lamp signifying the Arathi ) clasped in both her hands.

The sculpturing of the damsel is intricate, her pleasant, smiling features, adorned jewels , head gear and posture in terms of body language are so captivating and beseech you to come again and again to this fine land considered a ‘Punya bhoomi’ in Tamil or the Sacred land. This beautiful piece of Paavai Vilakku art cannot be overshadowed by the incessant workload of vehicular traffic inside the airport premise, considering it is nothing short of a towering, heavy piece lending all the attraction it deserves, apart from beckoning the gesture of homeliness and illuminating the place in a subtle, yet striking way.

A moment’s insight is worth a lifetime’s toil when it comes to interiors, as it cannot be compromised upon. We trust our artisans to do a good job of it. From musty establishments in the dusty lanes of Kolkata's Burra Bazaar to the towering inferno office blocks in Mumbai, the financial nerve centre of the country, our artisans’ community plays a crucial role in turning the wheels of the country's economy as innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders in the field of artistic acumen by churning out classy, immortal pieces. Our Indian artisan’s extraordinary prowess reign supreme albeit to hand-hold the walls of interior decorators countrywide and overseas.

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