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The grandeur of the Garudalwar cannot be missed in an art form. Garudalwar serves as the eternal chariot of Lord Vishnu. Consequently, Garuda received the name Periya Tiruvadi as against the Divine role played by Hanumanjee as the Vahana for Lord Rama. Hence, Hanumanjee received the title ‘Siriya Tiruvadi’.

Nachiyar Koil is a Srivaishnava Divya desam is located in Tirunaraiyur en-route to Tanjavur from Kumbakonam. Since importance is given to Nachiyaar in this temple, it is called Nachiyaar Koyil. Kal garudan is of special significance at this temple.  The Garudalwar   gives darshan with nine serpents and is believed to have the powers to remove the Navagraha dhosham.   It is understood from elders that a sculptor was making this deity of Garuda with utmost devotion. On completion, he suddenly found the deity flying after he had made Garuda’s  wings.  Excited and simultaneously confused   at this sudden action, the sculptor prayed Garudalwar for his mercy .  Garudalwar   pleased with his dedication and prayers decided to settle here at this place and bless the devotees. (Kal in tamil means stone). A huge and well built Garudalwar gives darshan to all the devotees coming to this Srivaishnava Divya desam.  During the Tamil ‘Aadi’ month, a magical event happens during Garuda Sevai. Garudalwar increases his weight manifold.  Science has not been able to explain the mystery underlying the fact that when the Salagrama deity of Garudalwan is taken out for procession, he is so light that he is carried by just 4 persons;  As the  palanquin bearers (Srimaan taangigaL) , cross the outer enclosures one by one,  Garudalwar  becomes progressively heavier and  needs 8, 16 and 32 men to carry the palanquin  after each enclosure. Finally, when the Lord is taken outside the temple, Garudalwar increases in weight so much that 128 devotees assemble to carry the Lordships.

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