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The set of Vigneshwara with instruments is a sheer magnificence, emerging out tall, cute and delightfully elegant on any showcase or as interiors for wall fitments. It comprises a set of Indian instruments, such as the Mridangam, Tabla, Harmonium, Flute, etc., which lend splendour to the art forms. Normally speaking, Ganesha is a hot favourite among the Indian artisans community and the remover of obstacles lends His image to various forms of art, be it Traditional, Modern or Contemporary.
The Ganesha image is perhaps the easiest as well as most sought after design for any artist of repute, as the elephant head-god has charmed his way to the hearts of all by His unique form – an elephant head with pot belly coupled with a human body that distinguishes and lends a typical charm to any form of the innumerable forms of the Indian art.
Vinayaka’s vehicle/ ‘Vahana’ is the ‘Monjoor’ (in Tamil) or the little rat on which He rides upon and legendary stories reveal the significance of the rat as a vehicle for the pot bellied, elephant headed one on a cultural footing. As a gift set, they are often preferred as everyone without any exception welcomes the remover of obstacles in their lives. Indian art is resplendent with Ganesha idols in Black Stone, Papier Mache, Clay, Granite, Marble, Wood, Beads, Seeds, Terracotta and as Paintings too. Sometimes His trunk is drawn to His left side while at other times it is to His right. Either ways, Ganesha is amazing!
The artisans see their amazing creativity and adaptability with the moving times when doing a piece of art as this and that too within a justified balance of Tradition and Faith. Truly, they can be considered as a great, well knit Community indeed and a major contributor to the economic pillar of Bharat/ India.

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