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Intricate wooden panels carved and etched in rose wood or teak showing Vigneshwara playing different instruments are a feast to the eyes and can be placed anywhere, be it at the entrance of a hall, foyer or inside the rooms, for, wherever be the location, the echoing linear flow of the piece captures the strength as it’s a classic piece with self-colour accents, breaking the deeply contrasting palette of this workmanship creating an artistic, musically inclined entrenchment.

The artisans’ extraordinary success in carving these intricate wooden panels forms the primary subject for discussion in the walls of interior decorators countrywide.

The panel is rich with a burst of different kinds of Indian instruments which demonstrate the Indian music culture that is resplendent with abounding peace .The elephant god is known by different aliases such as ‘Ganesha’, ‘Vigneshwaran’, ‘Gananatha’, ‘Vinayaka’, ‘Vigna Raja’ ‘Vikata’, ‘Ganaathyaksha’, ‘Gajaanana’, ‘Mahaa Ganapathy’, ‘Vakrathunda’, and more.

The remover of obstacles till date is worshipped in Mumbai in a very grand scale and after the Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrations, the idol made of Plaster of Paris or clay, which is immensely huge and several feet high is carried as a procession with pomp and glory by hundreds of devotees and submerged into the deep sea as per the erstwhile custom and tradition on a particular day all over the country with due respect after prayers. Culture, tradition and civilization go hand in hand. The sight of the submerging in the seas is truly a wonderful backdrop during sunset with the shrill chant of “Ganapathy Bappa Moria “renting the air in the borders of Mumbai and Chennai, reaching the skies. Truly captivating!

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