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Handcrafted down to the last detail, this design of ‘Nardhana’ Vinayagar in shimmery, stark black metal is a steal. The ‘Nardhana’ Vinayagar is a classy one at the entrance as He beckons you into echoing an enchantment of the dancing mood. A truly captivating piece! Vigna Vinashaka or the dispeller of obstacles is one who is worshipped in the Hindu form of lineage and is the younger brother of Lord Subrahmanya. He had an elephant head with a pot belly and although he is worshipped daily as a matter of routine, at the start of any prayer, the ‘Chathurthi’ day on every month, which is the fourth day after Ekadashi, is dedicated to Him.
Nothing ever gets done without first offering to him as the remover of obstacles, (the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati) is worshipped across India and the world over in all temples in a glorious way by the Hindu religion. It must be mentioned here that all Hindu festivals in the Tamil calendar in India commence only after ‘Vinayaga Chaturthi’ Celebrations which normally falls in September each year. His favourite is the ‘Modhakas’ or the ‘Kozhakattai’ which is specially made steamed sweets and savoury in the shape of a conch or shell. . He loves the “Arugampul’, (in Tamil) which is a form of herbal grass with medicinal properties. ‘Yerukka’ Malai ( a garland made of a special variety of flowers in colours of violet and white , grown in the wild) too is a form of offering to appease Him.

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